“A coach with a vision, a man who lives football 24/7. Innovative, positively curious, has the courage to share his often out of the norm ideas and make them reality through training. Very meticoulus and methodical, armed with knowledge. Appreciates and respects each player and the team. A coach that creates and presents attacking football. Tends to play possesion and try to outplay the opponent. His fanaticism, courage, determination and self-confidence he transfers to the team so the team starts to take on his likeness. A pleasant coworker with a positive attitude, always open to constructive criticism and conflict of opinions.”

Damir Krznar

academy director of GNK Dinamo Zagreb

 „I value Dean both as a coach and as a person for his integrity, his passion for the job, his commitment and hard work. I believe that he has the potential to be a really good coach at international level.”

Dariusz Mioduski

Owner of Legia Warszawa

“Very professional and commited to his work 0-24. He has a very good authority towards the players. His knowledge is unqestionable and he can easily transfer it to the players. Not only is he a great coach he is a great psychologist both on and off the field, it was a big pleasure working with him.”

Ivan Tomečak

Croatian professional footballer who plays for Croatian club HNK Rijeka

“Coach that likes to play with ball possession and in control of the match. With his personality and preference for positive football he always manage to have good relationship with players.
Dynamic practices were ball exercises prevail always focusing on his ideia of the game.
Amazing, professional and friendly coach! “

Gonçalo Santos

Portuguese footballer who plays for G.D. Estoril Praia

“I want to highlight his professionalism, commitment and love towards football and the coaching job. I think he has a very strong competitive and winning spirit which gets transfered onto the team and staff. He has a great knowledge and feel for the game, great preparation and leading during the game. His full focus on the team and teamwork is a great virtue in my opinion. A methodological approach to work with the team, well thought out and executed work on the field. Positive energy, passion and attitude towards people, justice and a feel for what every team needs.”

Aleksandar Vuković

Head Coach Legia Warsaw, former assistent to Dean Klafurić in Legia Warszaw

“First of all I like the way he talks to us in the dressing room. Always positive and with a smile. Transmitting good feelings to play more confident and give our best.
He analyzed the opponents very well and we played against every opponent in the best way to utilise their mistakes. The changes that he makes during the game have been very important for the final result.
He knows how to handle everything during training, he always gets the best out of us in training and gets us to focus all the time. But there are also times when we could all laugh and make jokes with him. He has a very good relationship with the players and that is always important.”

Iñaki Astiz

Spanish footballer who plays for Polish club Legia Warsaw

“He is a coach with a great football knowledge. A well educated coach who approaches the job with great positivity. And what I think is a key item is that he is very relaxed and open to cooperation. His team always has a great atmosphere.”

Marko Vešović

Montenegrin professional footballer who plays as a right wing-back for Legia Warsaw

“Commitment- he lives football 24 hours a day, which can be seen especially in the training sessions which are planned ti the smallest detail. Constant analysis of the opponent and preparing for the upcoming game.
Communication- I feel like I don’t even have to say anythong about this
Tactics- I was convinced of the quality last season, when we won our last 7-8 games basically all on tactis, analysing the opponents and building the tactic accordingly. And this season too when we tried playing 3-5-2… I’m saying this because I watched a few games from the stands and saw everything we were doing in training.”

Domagoj Antolić

Croatian footballer who plays as a midfielder for Legia Warsaw

“Klaf, a football addict with a very clear idea of what to do and how to do it. He transfers his idea and passion onto the players very well, follows the evolution of training and adapts it to the players with great quality. I am very lucky that I was able to work with him.”

Zoran Mamić

Sporting director Dinamo Zagreb

”It is easy to talk about football with coach Klaf. He listens to players and their point of views and respects different opinions.
Coach Klaf can release the pressure away from the players with different methods.
He can keep all players fresh by rotating the squad.”

Kasper Hämäläinen

Finnish professional football attacking midfielder who plays for Czech First League side FK Jablonec