• Mentor Dean Klafuric and mentee Silviya Radoyska met in Milan
  • AC Milan’s Carolina Morace helped host first visit at her club’s training ground
  • Visit part of FIFA’s Coach Mentorship Programme

Empowering the next generation to take their own path while taking lessons from those more experienced is a tricky balancing act. Dean Klafuric is hardly the ‘old guard’ – the former Croatia women’s national team coach is 46 – but he is attempting to tread this fine line with his role as mentor on FIFA’s Coach Mentorship Programme.

If his first meeting with mentee Silviya Radoyska in Milan is anything to go by, he is on the right track.

“The most valuable advice he shared with me was always to be Silviya Radoyska,” the Bulgarian international captain told FIFA.com. “No matter what I learn, it’s important to have my own vision for the game and an individual coaching attitude.”

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